Summarized Curriculum Vitae
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Hello, good people of the world. My name is Jared Talley -- an engaged philosopher (Click here for my thoughts on being an "engaged" philosoher!), social scientist, and an avid learner who is fascinated by people and their relationships with their own environments. I was born and raised in Idaho, growing up with a close connection to the rivers and mountains of the area which, in turn, has fostered a deep appreciation for the responsible governance of the natural world. I believe that it is possible to develop and progress as a society alongside and in partnership with the natural world, albeit rather difficult in light of the complex relationship humans have with their environments. This is what I think about, and what I would love to think about for years to come.

My non-academic interests tend to revolve around the outdoors and creating things. I love being outside -- there is a humility that the open air provides me, and I will always appreciate that. I also like to create things, from building stuff to painting and everything in between. There is something relaxing about creating, perhaps in its demands for focus, creativity, and using my hands and it is something that I have always and will always do. Lastly, I have a perilous relationship with time travel movies.